Команды для быстрой прокачки на евро птс сервере 4.5

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Для быстрого теста билда перед стартом классика, на ПТС сервере можно использовать специальные команды.

Просто пишите команды в Local чат без слэша, и ждете некоторое время.


[Fluffy Re-Enabled] List of "Fluffy" Commands for Public Test Server
4.5 Fluffy Commands are at the bottom of the list
I think it would be great to have a thread where all fluffy commands are listed, especially the new ones.​
So that everyone know about it and not only the ones who are online at the time where it may be posted in the chat on the pts server (like last time with the sloth glider).​
So please if you know a new command and its not listed in this thread post it!​
All commands you have to write in /say Chat!​
Level me up Fluffy - Level 50 + Some Equip and other Items.​
level mining fluffy - Set your Miningskill to 50k, works also with all other proficiency; But cooking, printing and metalwork are bugged.​
send me a sloth fluffy - You get a Sloth Glider per Ingamemail.​
send me anya ingots fluffy - x30 Anya ingots​
tell me a secret fluffy! - A lot of Stuff for the SoA Patch (Equip, consumables, etc)​
obsidian or bust fluffy! - get obsidian weapons and stuff​
Shiver me timbers Fluffy! - Sends you mails with ships, components, and much more.​
What are they saying Fluffy! - Teaches all languages at max skill, though you may need to relog into your character for it to take effect.​
Morpheus needs me Fluffy! - Makes you join the pirate faction, then sends you a mail with a way to de-pirate.​
x up for invite fluffy! - Guild related command, grants tokens to upgrade guild level along with instructions on how to do this, also includes some awesome items from the guild prestige shop and a mythic surprise.​
Pimp my house fluffy! - Grants full kits for all the new housing types along with appropriate resources to customize and build out new houses.​
I wanna be the very best fluffy! - Grants pets, the pet accessory workbench, starlight/moonlight essence plus basic mats, regrade scrolls and a full set of dawnsdrop armor at unique.​
You know nothing fluffy! -- Go to the North, they said. Defend the wall, they said! Bah! All they do is MINE here! But, this command sends 2 mails complete with what you need to survive in Auroria, including Lavaspark, and the Inoch glider, and a very "special" vegetable.​
Notice me fluffy! -- When used, will send 4 mails filled to the brim with Divine T7 Obsidian Weapons and Armor, Ayanad Scrolls, Great Ayanad Earring, Flawless Dream Ring, Rank 13 Warrior's Necklaces and more. And yes, Fluffy will notice you. 6/13/2016 Note: This Fluffy command has been turned off due to the conclusion of 2.9-related testing. It may be enabled in the future if required.​
Don't make me grind, fluffy! - This command grants 10m exp and can be used repeatedly. There's a good chance that it's not going to work if you spam it. Please make sure to use it in responsible intervals while progressing advanced skills.​
Show me your moves, fluffy! - Grants Ancestral Warrior Medals (for leveling up Ancestral Skills), Specialization Snowflakes, Abyssal Crystals, Gilda Stars, Warriors Medals, Merit Badges, Wrapped Ravenspine Wings, and a very specific Eternal grade item...​
Lets do a trade run, fluffy! - Sends an in-game mail with Cargo Certs, a lot of vocation points, captain's protection certs, Wrapped Multipurpose Workbench, and a Cogwheel Longboard. Also sends a random spattering of harvest mats to craft tradepacks.​
Up all night to get fluffy! - Master command that grants full sets of unique grade Erenor weapons, armor, and accessories. Grants stat reroll scrolls.​
send me lunagem stuff fluffy - Sends 200 of each new superior lunarite, along with charcoal stabilizers, anya ingots, sunset pearls and honor.​
4.5 NOTE: Fluffy can take up to several minutes under high volume to send mails. Please be patient and refrain from spamming. Fluffy commands may be disabled periodically to help diffuse load.​
Flame on, Fluffy - Sends a mail with the starting items for the dragon raising chain.​
The light is fading, fluffy - Sends a mail with an assortment of Obsidian 1, 2, and 4 items to explore the upgrade path changes.​
Let’s get testy, fluffy - Sends mail with Apprentice and Artificer gear to test upgrade paths on older items.​
Give me the dreamiest of rings, fluffy - Sends a mail with the new dream ring quest starter​
Everypony wants one, fluffy - Sends a mail with the new Ayanad earring quest starter​
You can't kill the metal, fluffy - Sends mail containing multiple types of locked crates, and components to build keys for them​
It goes to 11, fluffy - Sends mail containing multiple T2 lunagems and materials to ugprade them to T3​
give me abyssal crystals, fluffy - Sends a mail containing 500 Abyssal Crystals​
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